"Your code is so WET gzip can compress it below .1%"

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    Don't get it.
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    @Ranchu google: dry vs we enjoy typing
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    @Ranchu There's so much repetition that it can be compressed to a 1000th of its size by aliasing recurring sequences.
    By comparison, since code files don't normally use more than ~32 different characters, any code can immediately be compressed to ⅝ of its size by assigning those to 5 bit symbols.
    Code is a very redundant representation, but mostly it can be compressed to somewhere between 10% and 5% of its original size by using traditional compression methods.
    I do, however, sometimes find codebases that can actually be compressed to below 1%. It's usually autogenerated SQL files though.
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    Guess it can be a compliment as well. Very concise coding. Little to no comments.
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    @Lor-inc I'm not an expert in terms of compression, but it sounds plausible.
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    @Ranchu It is, it's just rare. It requires that entire files be almost identical.
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