How’s school going?
Well I’m in discrete mathematics and summations honestly suck, but if you put it in a for loop it’s so easy

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    First semester student here. Everything's pretty easy so far, they're just teaching us the basics of programming + some math and logic.
    Discrete math is not that hard, at least in the basic level. Calculus is still basically highschool stuff.
    I still haven't learned summation though.
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    @ItsaMeTuni discreet mathematics itself isn’t the hard part, honestly my biggest issue with summation is my personal issue with remembering to add all the terms up and not use just the last terms as the answer
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    I'm taking a capstone class next semester so hopefully it goes well.
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    @Stuxnet best of luck bro
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    Dying in masters, next sem is going to be even more intense apparently and I have a fuckton of work over summer

    It's fun
    11/10 would recommend 👍
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    @RememberMe wish you the best and congrats on your masters program
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