Is there any way to kill your project manager remotely. Due to lockdown, I can't visit to his home. He want me to work 14hrs a day. Till lockdown, I pray he will be safe from Corona virus. Than I will take my call.

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    Not easily, but you can tell him to piss off if he asks you to work 14 hours a day...
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    do you have contract that says how much you both agreed on to sell your workforce? Because a contract is a two way agreement and if your boss breaches that agreement he is in violation.
    But then again you‘re from that charming and lovely place where everything works a bit differently compared to rest of the world aren’t you?
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    @heyheni lolol that last sentence
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    Make voodoo doll 🤗
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    Try your luck at a new job and leave your current manager to worry who will do your 14 hours of work
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    And you know what? If you don't have the balls to say "no" and do 14 hours per day, this proves that your PM was actually right.
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    Start updating your resume. My company just hired eight people fully remote without seeing them.

    I'm about to start looking myself as my manager is a huge fucking asshole.

    Just tell your manager you're only going to work 8 hours; that you have too much stuff outside of work you need to do.
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