Hello, I'm new here and trying to learn java by watching tutorials because I can't keep up at class. What are the most important things you should understand to have a better understanding on how java works?

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    Binary Question:
    0: Do you wanna know how java, as in the JVM and all the hidden stuff works?
    1: Do you wanna get more knowledge about java.lang stuff?
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    @Ranchu 1. I'm currently studying OOP about constructors and stuff.
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    - download and install intelliJ idea. Don't write java with notepad from the beginning. Let ide help you build your first apps.
    - oop principles. Yes, seriously.
    - in java everything is an object. Just like everything is a file in linux/unix
    - you can only extend a single class, but you can implement many interfaces at once
    - do learn modifiers and when [not to] use them. Private, public, protected. Static and final.
    - if you come from C/++ -- everything* is passed by reference. If not from C/++ -- the official docs say that everything is passed by value, but be aware that "value" can be a reference

    Now read this list and google until you understand each point in there. Then go to writing your app. W/o basics you're just poking a snake in the moonless night.
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    @netikras Thank you so much for commenting! I'm currently using intellij for programming, it really helps me determine what my mistakes are and it helps me code properly.

    I already learned about primitive and non primitive data types, loops, if else statements, switch and a little bit of array.

    I am currently studying by watching vids and applying what i learned by coding and by pen and paper for future reference. Is there any tips that you can give to make more progress?
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    @jezuuun Cheesh, I can't stand videos. I recall I was first trying to learn Java by watching thenewboston's videos. Problem is that you feel everything is perfectly clear while you're watching, but you know shit as soon as the video ends and you're trying to write smth :D

    I found it MUCH more effective to learn myself. Think of some silly simple "project" and write it myself with lots of googling. Oracle docs and SO were my best friends. And I've learned oh-so-much this way!

    However if the video approach is working for you -- stick to it. It wasn't working for me though. The field is far too confusing already.

    Also, don't try to learn it all in a single bite. Iterate. Learn smth, practice it, flirt with it. Next day (after a good night sleep) reiterate and go to learn smth new. [emphasis on "after a good night sleep"]

    You've gotta learn how to learn
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    @netikras I understand when you said learning from videos is a pain, some people just give commentaries while coding which is very confusing. It feels like they're rushing things out and try to fit "all the things that you need to learn in java." in one playlist. But last week I started to browse for learning and found slidenerd and his playlist of OOP. Since then I started learning and understand it by watching his videos. I almost had given up to the course I'm taking (which is computer science) but i'll give myself one more push to study even more.

    Usually my routine is to study from 9 PM to 5 AM. Throughout the time of me studying, I really am enjoying how things are working out. It was slow, but surely I am learning.

    What should I study next? Any recommendations?
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    @jezuuun do smth hands-on first before studying smth else :)
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    Use "site: baeldung.com" with your Google queries often. It'll mute a lot of the noise.
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