I wasted years of my life not using vimwiki.

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    Care to elaborate?
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    For years my notetaking has consisted of just editing text files and saving them under my cloud directory. And the problem with this is that though I have a powerful editor for it, I have no real system for retrieving a note after the fact. I would name a note file with something having to do with its content, or maybe the date and time. It depended. So usually, a note was never seen again after I wrote, saved and closed vim.

    I've never really been much of a plugins person with vim, as I considered it to be mostly just expensive flash. A prime example is the effect airline has on start times. So anyway, I never bothered. But within only a week or two, both Derek Taylor and Brodie Robinson dedicated videos to a plugin called vimwiki, and both were very enthusiastic in their support and recommendations.

    So I tried it out, and after only a day or two I was completely hooked. The internal markup is extremely simple but powerful. Filling it out has generated a dozen files or so, with file names I would never have chosen, but creating and navigating them is effortless.

    I cannot recommend it enough.
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    gotcha! thank you!
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