Picked up stress braiding as a habit. Had a full loop Tuesday and after being unable to sleep more than two hours that night, found myself braiding my hair. For five hours. Straight. Was too lazy/tired to undo it, so went to bed with my hair braided. (My hair tends to stay without help, so I didn’t use hair ties or anything)

Today, I remembered that if something takes you five hours to do, it’s going to take you a while to walk it back. Took a couple hours.

Now I look like a poodle.

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    Stress braiding 不不不不不
    Come braid my hair too. I'm tempted to shave my head but I kinda like my hair.
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    @sweetnothings My head hurts just reading that. I am so sorry. Have you tried leaving the conditioner in for a while and working slowly from the bottom up with your fingers to separate the strands gently? I’m a habitual non-comber, but I think my hair’s also the type that knows better than to fight me.
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    @sweetnothings Oh no! That is the stuff of nightmares. Maybe work your way from the .. middle? If you look in a mirror, can you work out where the end is? I honestly have no idea. I hope you find peace soon.
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    @sweetnothings two words: coconut oil.
    Apply enough and your hair will be awfully moistured and soft and so you can work it. Tho, I suggest less amount used every time after shower to soften the hair, and avoid that tangled state altogether.

    And maybe in your next haircut ask the hairdresser to layer the inner sections shorter, so your hair doesn't have that volume at the end to cause the tangle at the top. See if that works.

    Oh, another thing that could help: sleep with braids. The results may not be pretty, but it's less tangle.
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    @sweetnothings Ow. XD
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