Wow .... Seriously? I don't understand art.... Looks like comic aans to me basically

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    Confirms my opinion that modern art is still shit.
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    @Demolishun well it's not just modern but yes wtf...

    Online gallery/auction bc of COVID

    Now we k know what the ultra rich do and hide their $$$

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    @Demolishun I second this statement.

    Except I don't call it art bc it's an insult to that word lol
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    With that in mind phrase "state-of-the-art" receives negative tone 🤔
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    @Demolishun @Stuxnet it depends on the piece. I can think of several popular classical pieces that look like shit. But that's the thing about art, its completely subjective to viewer.

    @billgates trying to understand popular art is like trying to understand the results of a political election or how the candidates even got nominated in the first place.
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    @M1sf3t your statement is correct. However, way more "mOdErN aRt" is utter shit than classical is

    Remember a few months back that fucking banana taped to a wall was sold for $120k? That's a prime example of this fucking garbage excuse for art lol
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    @Stuxnet the following statement applies to applies to the price tags they bring as well. At least for now.
    Let this age pass only a few will be remembered, much less valued.

    But the ones that are will at least be aesthetically pleasing to most people if not meaningful. And that's always been the case, we just live in this era, the global population is larger and thanks to social media the world is now the size of a goddamned peanut
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    I do a bit of art in multiple styles and the best I can say is it's visual form of communication.
    what it really is communicating is up to the viewer..
    I've seen good statement pieces that seem to say "I can make this thing with talent and effort, imply this idea, and have good aesthetic"
    I've seen far more pieces that say "I'm unemployable but entitled to money, privileged enough to get money for nothing, and a lazy shit with no talent"
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    @mghrist great summary! I enjoy lots of modern art, mostly street art, but a lot of what is on display in this thread looks like a "fuck you" to the tax office. It's money laundry plain and simple.
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    Getting a bit tired of the 'art bad amirightguys' circlejerk
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