I'm going nuts with this isolation, so next on my agenda... let's learn flutter!

Anyone have some half decent app tuts (preferably not videos) that they can suggest? I'm sure the usual "to do" list has been done and dusted a billion times, I'm looking for something more explorative into different features of flutter rather then just a "build this"

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    Last time I was touching it official page was the best source of knowledge but it was about a year ago.
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    @M1sf3t 😅
    Actually, "todo" list built and ci/cd testing passed - it was glorious.

    I think it took me longer to get the tests working though.
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    @M1sf3t mobile dev has been one of the side things I never really got far in.

    But flutter, like fuck to start an app and have it working in a day (granted it doesn't do much ) is nearly unbelievable.

    The testing framework is a bit of a pain but I'm sure enough medium/LinkedIn posts will work me through it 😅
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    Hey cool I am doing that as well
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