I hate interviewing with these FAANG or FAACK companies. I just finished 3 rounds of mind torturing coding sessions involving some obscure algorithms that I was expected to come up with on the fly! Thinking that the hard part is over and next is the behavioral round, I just received an email from the recruiter telling me that the next round is some obscure Linux kernel internals I need to be ready for.
How do people get jobs at these companies?!!!

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    Who tf is the C & K?
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    @Stuxnet A manufacturer of overpriced underpants.
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    @Fast-Nop bravo. I set that one up perfectly lmfao

    Gotta go for that outlet quality CK. It's not the same material but ain't nobody buying them for the quality. It's all about that logo
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    I'm assuming not Google or Amazon, we didn't generally do more than one loop.

    Also, the how: usually know people who have made the jump, or go in straight out of college.
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    Seriously does anyone know what the fuck the c and k companies are tho?

    I've heard of FAANG but I can't find anything about a FAACK abbreviation
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    Fuck FANG. Bombed one Last week.
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    @Stuxnet i am now just going to believe that it is a non-american thing or the op tried to make some shit up for it. Never heard that before
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