Learnt a very important lesson today..

To add some context; I'm currently in my second semester of uni studying a Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced), and started the year with no experience with any language.

Up until recently all my practical work has been guided by context sheets, now I have some freedom in what my program does.

Because of the very small projects earlier in the year I have built a habit of writing the whole program before compiling anything. This worked fine since the programs were small and at most only a few errors would be present.

Cut back to today, and I had been writing a program for a bigger assignment. After an hour or so of writing I began thinking I should probably test everything up to this point. I ignored it...

Fast forward 4 hours to having "completed" writing the full program. I knew by this point I was taking a massive risk by not testing earlier.

Lo and behold, I try compiling everything for the first time and countless errors prevent the program from compiling. I tried for quite some time fixing the errors but more just kept appearing as 1 was fixed.

I'm now left with no time to fix the program before the deadline with no one but myself to blame.

Lesson learnt :/

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