May I ask Why my Windows PC suck ????

Why me god !!!!

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    Because hardware, software, user, so many possibilities, so little to go off.
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    My money is on reasons.
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    Because reasons beyond our mere simple understanding
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    How hard does it suck? I'll put it between my legs if I were you.
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    @SortOfTested my money is on money
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    My laptop sucked for a long time and then i cleaned it up where i couldn't reach before, after that it was capable of rendering videos (slowly but without computer shutting off from overheating). Fifth february i normally played gta sa and display+gpu died 😪
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    I may sound rude, but it's not Windows that sucks by itself. It's the user that made it suck.
    Sure you can blame Windows for allowing unsafe things that can mess up the system, but most of times the culprit is to find in the user that's not aware of what is doing or not paying attention to everything that appears on screed and then installing unwanted bloatware that slow down the system.
    I'm an IT guy and have clean installed Windows 10 hundred if not thousand of times and on every machine it works flawlessly, even on dated ones. But some users have brought it back to me after few days complaining about it being slow, and I found every sort of bloatware installed because they downloaded a "pdf converted" from a random site which also installed another antivirus, a browser that set itself as default and a bunch of extension and toolbar just because they blindly press next during install.
    I have the same Windows system since 2014 updated to Win 10 and still works extremely fine today
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