How do you guys come up with ideas for side projects? I'm really motivated to start a project but i don't have an idea... It's been going like this for weeks

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    I generally try to fix a problem I have. Maybe some tool that could be better or just doesn't exist, easier automation of something, etc
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    Same here, as a hobbyist I don't have roadmaps to follow so I can only rely on imagination to find stuff to code.

    There is now a file on my hard drive called "Idées projet.txt" where I spit any little idea coming through my mind.

    "It could be good..." > Noted
    "What if..." > Noted

    No judgement, feasibility study or anything else yet, brainstorm style.

    Then when I want to code, I choose my favorite and work on it until I can delete the line.
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    I think all my side projects start with a "I wonder if -" or "well what the shit, it HAS to be possible".

    Right now I'm messing with setting up a cross-region headless server for factorio on azure where it will spin up an instance closest to the first person who logs in - but using a single persistent save. Not because I need it, just to see how it could be done.

    The fact that I might get some usage out of it helps the motivation as well.
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    Ideas present themselves to me. I have shallow knowledge about many things though, it is easier to come up with an idea if you have idea about many things.
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    Build a tool you would use.
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