The effect of updating the bios via USB (possible only on windows) when all computers run on Linux.

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    All that tech for one bios update. Is it for a missile launcher? 😂
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    Removing the GPU...
    Yes. you are indeed upgrading a BIOS.
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    Switch in old HDD,
    Install windows,
    Do bios upgrade,
    Throw old HDD back in the pile.

    What do you need all that other stuff for in this process?
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    @iamai lol it sure does look like it! I had to install windows in an old ThinkPad (the one on top of my desktop pc) to flash the bios into the USB thumb-drive after first trying in my other ThinkPad with an existing Windows VM. My server does not have a CD/DVD Drive, so USB was the only way.
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    @ArcaneEye the only “other” stuff are the two laptops. It looks like I am using all my computers because it is messy.
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    @magicMirror yes actually, I also did upgrade the CPU and ram, so i did not find it necessary to plug GPU before flashing the bios. After everything went well, I put everything back in.
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    Thinkpad firm upgrades can now be done on Linux as well. (see https://fwupd.org/lvfs/devices/ for supported hardware)
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    I see this and my brain just goes.
    Mate, buy something.
    One second later.
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