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    But now that 10 minute tasks takes 10 seconds and nobody knows how to do it manually anymore - programmers making someone's job obsolete.
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    @C0D4 we are the new immigrants
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    I have to rename these 20 files.. Or I could create a software, which I will never use again, to do so.
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    But if it takes 10 minutes of manual labor every week, automating it will pay for itself in ONLY 28 years!

    If your boss complains, tell him that's a better return on investment than he got in the first 28 years of his life. 🤷‍♂
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    Yeah. Who the fuck needs automated testing right?
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    I'd argue that if you deployed once a week, and manual testing only cost 10 minutes, it could be worth it to not write tests.

    Consider a simple blog, created using a framework like Symfony or Laravel, with a few controllers for publishing posts, adding comments, embedding a video or image. Pretty much all of the functionality is provided by third party packages, the backend code just serves as some glue.

    After setting it up, you might tweak something here and there every few months.

    I'd just hit F5 on the article feed to check for a stray 500 error, and call it a day.
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    I don't know why most developers these days have this tendency to over-engineer.

    Sometimes a simple form turns into CD pipelines and VMs and load balancing and monitoring and alerts and log aggregation and tracking and what the fuck not.
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    @molaram because we freaking love it 😄
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    - Get to learn new stuff
    - Can add some decoration and publish it on my GitHub as another side project (portfolio++)
    - Can be used as a base to automate even more sophisticated stuff in the future
    - Free dopamine
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    It's not about doing it faster. It's about never doing it again! I've probably done this 100 times by now. And one or two of those, the task actually needed to keep being done enough to make it worth it! Score! (Let's not talk about the other 98 alright?!)
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    @JS96 Python user way of life
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