Am I the only person that deletes their github repo and then uploads it again when you encounter a merge conflict?

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    More than likely. Dealing with merge conflicts properly is part of everyday life when you use git.
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    I used to be so bad about this until I took the time to stop and learn about git. I personally enjoyed Udacity's tutorial on git.
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    That sounds like it could get ugly 😆
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    I do that with our intern, he always manage to fuck things up and by the 10th time I just:
    Me: is everything pushed?
    He: yes
    Me: so delete the folder and clone again.

    Just did that and gone to lunch today
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    @azous Intern = is there to learn and help, so maybe showing him how to resolve the conflicts would save you future headaches .
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    @skonteam 10th time.

    I do teach but somehow he manages to don't get anything and just lack the will to figure out the most basic things on his own, even after one year of using git.
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    Locally, sure I've done that. Force push branches? Sure I've done that. Delete the repo from Github...?! Nope. Not that I recall.
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    So does Randall Monroe
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    @uddinstock https://udacity.com/course/... I believe this is the one
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    As someone who considers git his favorite tool, this thread makes me sad :(
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