Got rejected after final-round interviews with Amazon again. Can’t say it doesn’t hurt, but I understand it.

So to make myself feel better, I started working on the idea I’ve had for a while that I realize is going to be a huge time sink and silly, but I love it.

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    Good luck! By all means chase your dreams, but I've heard from multiple people that working for the big four isn't necessarily all it's cracked up to be - you can certainly have just as great a career, if not more, elsewhere.

    I believe @SortOfTested is ex-AWS, she often has good advice on these things too.
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    Yeah, don't read anything into it. Amazon will let positions go unfilled for a very long time until every member of the team and the bar raiser agree you're right for the team.

    There are only two "easy" ways in:
    - straight out of a good school
    - they buy your company, and want you to stay on
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    This is actually a great idea. Even people who are great with regex still need help from time to time. I would use this.
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    Amy, id look elsewhere for employment. Several of my friends went through this with amazon recruiting and HR. And overall I’d say the ones that got the really bad deal were the ones that were hired. Very hard company to be successful at, but that’s not to say it’s impossible. A few of them did enjoy it. Being happy with your position is pretty up there on my priorities list.
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    ...Damn this program is gonna be useful.
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    @LavaTheif I like the UI of regexr and it's community regexes
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    I deal with this by never applying in the first place.
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    i've got a tip for you regarding the side project - thing that some existing regex analyzers do and it's awesome:

    color-coding: show the regex, color-code its parts, and then color the explanation so that the parts of the sentence match the related parts of the regex.

    online explainers do it using hover, which is better, sice they don't have the risk of running out of colors, but it seems whatever the environment is that you're using, it probably doesn't have the mouse hover functionality.
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