I'm going to let you know right now:

If you don't put it into a ticket, I'm not going to do the work.

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    It was okay to work with tickets until they brought up Story points. Now we have discuss story points for hours looking at so many parameters like Complexity, volume, Man days, even distribution, balances with previous sprint's story points, blah, blah, blah. Can't they keep things simple.! That I will work on it until it's complete, no matter what.! Simple.!?
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    @kindawonderful what is simple these days?
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    I hate enforced ticketing.
    It only serves to stop me from doing work that isn't in tickets.

    I see the issues. They're right there! But they're out of scope of my tickets, so I get yelled at if I do the work. And if I file my own tickets, and assign them to myself, and finish the work, and submit them, they never get selected for release because nobody else cares.

    You know what that does to me?
    Makes me not care. So long, motivitation.

    At my previous job, I authored over a thousand commits in six months, maybe less? I usually don't make small commits, either, because I don't like committing code that doesn't work. bad habit. but yeah, I totally overworked myself there because I liked the job and loved my boss.

    But at this new company?
    I've tried to care, and I just can't. It isn't just the strict ticketing, but that's certainly part of the issue. I don't feel like I belong, I get ignored, disregarded, my extra efforts aren't appreciated or really even noticed, ....

    So. I stopped caring.
    It's just a paycheck to me now. and that's really sad.
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    @Root I hope you're not planning on staying there much longer.
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