The fact you’re older doesn’t give you the right to call other people’s 8-months’ engineering effort “shit work”, especially if you didn’t even see the code...

Your tech lead - me :)

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    Yup. And I believe the more time you work and learn about yourself, the more humble you should be. You realize you're not fucking perfect. The older devs who don't realize this probably don't have as much experience as they say they do.
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    @mgagemorgan or are cunts
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    @SSDD Both work tbh - shit ton of people can't be honest about their capabilities...
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    I think that most of the time you are dealing with shit people. At it's basis is a shit organisation that lets the crap rise to the top.

    That said I can judge sometimes code without seeing it sometimes. If I overheard some cringing poor design decisions. When it takes far far too long to accomplish a fairly simple project for example
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