I don't know why, but in DevRant's weekly rant, I always find a word that I cannot understand. Even google translate is not that helpful in those cases. for this rant, the word is "Procrastination" :-/
Why some English words have to be so terrifyingly hard? These words always make me stay away from writing for the weekly rants :-/

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    Interesting, I guess what makes it hard for you is the fact that your native language has nothing to do with english (as in they sound and are written completely different)?

    For Germans (as an example, as I am German) it's easy, the word is essentially the same in our language.:D
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    @sweetnothings ROFL 🤣
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    @nitwhiz our native language does use a lot of English words but not all the English words.

    Good for German people. They get to understand such terrifying sounding words so easily... :-/
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    I remember when I was learning Indonesian where "strawberry" is "stroberi". :D
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    @sweetnothings its like translating a song into another language and then another language and then back to its original language using translation tool. The lyrics becomes so fucked up that you finally give up...

    btw, what does it even mean?
    "Story of bad coding lazy?" :-/ does that make any sense? :-/
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    @Xoka It essentially means doing something else instead of your actual tasks and tricking yourself into thinking that this other thing is at least as important as your actual task.
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    I like to use wordnik.com in these cases, it lets you look up a word in multiple dictionaries. Basically learning English in English.

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    @nitwhiz, @sweetnothings thanks mate. Saved the day :D but what about the next rants? I'm pretty sure even in the next rants, there will be words hard to understand. sometimes even looking at previous rants, its hard to understand the topic :/
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    @gronostaj wow! thats a great one. thanks man :)
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    @sweetnothings thanks mate. Gotta keep that in mind.

    Though, I'm not that bad in English, as you can say by reading all the replies I wrote here so far. I communicate with our foreign clients pretty easily as they don't use any hard-to-pronounce words. I'm just not used to of the "terrifying sounding words". But I guess, Gotta improve that too :)
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    @Xoka Use a single language dictionary aka. defining dictionary. It'll be much more useful than translating the word automatically to a single word in a language that might not even have that word.
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    Well that whole thing and the comments took all the fun out of "Procrastination over coding" stories, didnt it :/
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    It's terrifying because the upper class Britons throughout centuries wanted to feel special and so started using words in their vocab that are "harder" to the lower class to distinguish themselves.
    I'd guess same happened with Latin too, tbh, centuries before English was a thing.
    Also, urban dictionary is kind of a good guide for super-modern words, if you can get past the comic and troll definitions.
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    @sweetnothings "Aj kal kerna" what is this language btw? :-/
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    as a Bangali, I approve. Google Translate sucks when it comes to Eng to Ben, especially those scary looking words.

    English to English translation is a much better approach.. I use WordWeb. Give it a try
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    English is not hard, consider formatting your native language.
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    @FuckTS nobody said English is hard. We said, "Some words sound terrible". BIG difference...
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    It means is imagine future or thinking about future
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    @jadu18vaibhav No, it doesn't.
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