CSS is a curse on humanity.

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    Actually it isn't, after reading up.

    Besides, the "devrant" tag doesn't mean "developer rant" because there are ONLY developer rants supposed to be here. It's for stuff related to devRant itself.
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    @Fast-Nop Oh thanks for pointing that out.
    I feel it's easier to clean up another codebase, but if your CSS is shit, (too many overrides, no nesting, and whatnot), trying to make even the smallest change is hard enough.
    For example, I have been trying to align 2 divs vertically for the last 30 mins. One of the reasons can be my exp with CSS ~ 0, but with whatever programming knowledge I have, I find it extremely difficult.
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    @iSupportThanos Well yeah if it's e.g. riddled with !important, then it becomes hard, but maintaining shitty code is hard in any language.

    Vertically aligned divs... I guess that either doing via display:table (not actual HTML tables) could be an option when using cell alignment, or using a common baseline and then a veritcal transform of 50% for each (if they have different heights).
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    I'm starting to think we need "pinned" rants.

    Here, you'll be finished your div issue in 30 seconds with this.

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    CSS-in-JS: if CSS is a curse then what am I?
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    Well, if you think so.
    Have fun styling a UI without CSS!

    I don’t envy you using crappier solutions than css and abbreviants of it.
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    @Fast-Nop turns out the other element in the div has position: absolute, and hence the debacle.
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    @C0D4 thanks man, that was useful.
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    @010001111 fair point, but just because something works, does not make it great.
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    Aliens: Hey don't leave us out bro
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