Aaaaaaaaa!! Anyone else getting crazy from WFH?! I'm starting to talk to dead plants..excessively.. o.O Blaaaaaaah!! We're on WFH for at least the end of month.. Fuuuuuu...
I hate WFH..

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    Yes, except I do want to work from "home" longer, just not trapped in the house. Open up the beaches, let me call them home, and I'm all set.
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    I don't get it. That's the best that can happen for a dev.

    Working concentrated, less distraction from annoying colleagues, take breaks whenever you need, no need to commute.

    Only disadvantage is communicating to colleagues if it's really necessary, as some are really hard to get a hold of these days.

    I like it.
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    Why did you murder the plants
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    @ddephor I am guessing you are blessed with proper home office or at least dedicated workspace where noone bothers you.. and that you don't have neighbours that are renovating apartment..

    I just wanna get out of this hellhole, even if it means loads of meetings that could've been emails..
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    @electrineer I didn't.. ­čŹŹcommited harakiri.. // probably due to end of bloom cycle & draught.. :(
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    I'm not doing so hot. Don't want to get into the details over the internet but I want to go back to my life.
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    I am fully loving working from home.

    No more 2 hour travelling to work and then back.

    No more waking up at 05:30 to get to work on time.

    Saving 200 a month on bus travel.

    Plus after work I just put my laptop away and I can be with my family.

    I'm far more productive at home manager even called me to say he was impressed that my output hasn't dropped a single bit.
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    I like it. No commute, I can more easily avoid colleagues, less travel, more time with the family etc.

    But completely appreciate it's not for everyone either.
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    Goddamnit... I envy you your home situations.. :(

    Mine got a bit better..hijacked the office chair today.. xD
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    @sladuled No, I don't have a proper home office. I work whereever I like to, but due to my son that is the main reason for home office (kindergarten closed), I usually sit at the kitchen table, with a not so comfortable chair, so I can take care and work in parallel.

    I need more time, around 10-12 hours, to get my 8 work hours a day, but altogether it's better.
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    @ddephor Oh crap, I figured you are one of those who have at minimum 5 monitors and extra comfy chair and huge desk etc.. my bad for jumping to conclusions :(
    But yes, if you have kids and long commute I get it why it is better for you. I don't have either and WFH is driving me crazy.. we still have to be logged in and working for specific times.. which sux because after work time it usually rains here :/ I'll ask if I can do more work in the afternoon so I can go running or do sth outside in nice weather in the morning..
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    I dnt get it
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