The division between chilling and working is absolutely gone when both happen in the same exact space.

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    @Al-Jarrah lol. That sounds like some anonymous author or smtn. Like a graffiti guy or smtn.
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    @Al-Jarrah I'm making a Jira board just so I can assign someone this ticket
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    @C0D4 after doing it, write a mail to everyone:
    "John has COVID-19 now. And he got it from me."
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    @Lensflare better than "John has STD now and he got it from me."
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    you guys are chilling too?
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    Agreed, I find myself just sitting on the floor with my back on a yoga ball to keep productive, cause if I sit in bed, I just get sleepy. If I sit at the desk I start dozing off and drawing.
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    @Lyym I literally slept and I talk it to my System Analyst
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    @Kalashnikov well, that's interesting. I prefer not to have any conversations while sleepy cause I have no filter. To the point of having told an old client that their design was shit and that for future scalability they would need to recreate. I literally told him to not be such a stiff and spend some money on server resources.

    Dude was offended, but admitted I was right :)
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    @Lyym one of my former colleagues has the same attitude. he has the happiest customers of the whole company.
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    @rootofskynet in all honesty, I preferred to tell them the truth rather than just drain their money with something that wouldn't work. That actually caused me a lot of problems with previous employers tho.

    Stupid ruthless capitalist cunts.
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    And time.
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