I'm developing a new (just for fun) programming language and I'm wondering what features I should add next? These features are already implemented:

- Printing text
- Variables
- user-input
- Datatype conversion (String, Int, Float, Bool, List, Dictionary)
- lists/arrays
- dictionaries
- Sorting
- Shuffling
- random numbers & choices
- Math stuff like: log, abs, floor, ceiling, sin, etc...
- Time & Date
- Working with files
- If-else statements
- Ternary operators
- Loops (for & while)
- Functions
- Classes
- Error handling
- Importing libraries & other scripts
- Arrow/callback functions
- Escaping (\)

is there anything you often use missing?

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    Implicit types (var in C#)
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    Properties, Threads, async
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    Binary operators, structs / records, and working recursion (ideally even with tail call optimisation).

    With variables (including arrays) as function arguments, it would probably be nice if they could be chosen as by reference or by value.
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    @aggelalex Oh yeah threading and signals, which will in turn also need synchronisation stuff like mutexes, semaphores, conditions, signal handlers.
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    Everything should be an expression.

    Also type inference.
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    Very difficult to say - the features you've listed there are a bit of a mixture between language level and library level features, and I've no idea what type of language it is, which would heavily influence the list of "expected" features (currying would be a must for a functional language for instance, but meh for an OO language.)

    Might be easier to provide some feedback if we could at least see some snippets!
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    What language did you write the compiler in?
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    It's interpreted, written in python
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    Add Hardware Communication via USB.
    Might as well add Arduino support.
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    Bit manipulation
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    Microservice blockhain with a service mesh
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