Almost all people who are unfamiliar with modern websites don't know that they don't need to 'allow notifications' to access a website's content.
My parent's phone is always showing 99+ notification.
We need to do something about this, we're responsible.

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    Not really.

    We make what we're told to make thus this is on the clients more than it is us imo
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    @sweetnothings ehh

    I'd rather it be on by default so I see how they are then I turn them off as I choose.

    Such as dR notifs. Left them on and then my phone was spammed and so I turned them off. Instagram wouldn't stop sending notifications about random ppl i follow going live, so I turned them off.

    It's easier to turn them off on need to basis than it is to turn all of them on every time you download an app.

    My unpopular opint is that it's on the users to understand the technology they use and how to clear notifications or deactivate them.
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    For a long time pop ups were kinda just redundant alerts, at least on most of the desktop programs that were commonly used. Think that's were some of the negligence stems from.

    I for one could get behind having them disabled to begin with, especially on mobile, along with cellular data on mobile. Not that I couldn't see where it would cause problems for most but it would save me quite a bit of time because I have to squeeze every byte from my bandwidth and leaving apps running in the background ties up quite a bit of it.
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    @sweetnothings We (as in programmers) brought all the knowledge and every service manual in the world under their (as in users) fingertips, presented in a form that's so simple even the technically literate consider it magic. I don't think it would be too much to ask of them to use it.
    We can't design the digital world for boomers. It isn't gonna lend itself to them anyway because nothing similar existed when they were young, and eventually everyone alive will have been born in the age of information. It isn't even that far away. They're the audience.
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