- Back in October 2019 -

- Me: Hey, these two servers are having weird problems. Several services we use stop functioning every 7-10 days. I can temporarily fix them by taking them off the domain and putting them back on, but I don’t know why they’re happening or what further damage this workaround causes.
- Boss: Thats not good. Well. Keep doing the fix when it’s needed.
- Me: We should really reach out to someone at Microsoft through our support plan. I have no idea how to fix any of this and it’s making our Hyper-V environment very unstable.
- Boss: K. Let’s not worry about that now, let’s just keep working around it.

- In January 2020 -

- Me: Hey boss. More and more errors are generating from these servers. I’ve created a log of everything Ive found to hand off to a support agent. We really need to.
- Boss: Okay. Let’s talk to our internal team that uses Hyper-V and see what they did since they don’t have any problems.
- Me: Its not Hyper-V specific. It’s stemming from AD and authentication. It causes problems even without Hyper-V installed, so I don’t think it will help.
- Boss: K. Let’s just do what we can with what we got.

- Today, May 2020 -

- Me: Hey. The servers no longer work at all, and the workaround has no effect anymore. I’m completely stalled on my project now and have nothing to do.
- Boss: What?? What happened to them?
- Me: *Sends 17 page PDF file documenting all found issues, errors, warnings, and weird anomalies in both servers, as well as troubleshooting steps I’ve already performed*
- Boss: None of this makes any sense. I need you to start troubleshooting right away.
- Me: But... I can’t... *Sends screenshots of errors having no search results on the web, screenshots of Microsoft Support Techs on forums telling me we need to open tickets with Microsoft directly, other reasons why I’m completely blocked*
- Boss: Keep trying to figure it out. We need this resolved as soon as possible and we can’t let it happen again in the future.

Now I’m completely alone in our office, bitterly staring at the servers, trying to force an epiphany on how to fix these dumb boxes.

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    To me this sounds like circus vacancy.
    You're paid for not causing anything and your bossman does not grasp the horizon he puts on this situation.
    Keep your conversations logging level up.
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    > Keep your conversations logging level up.

    Yea, your clueless boss already has his 'blaming finger' ready to point your way.
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    @PaperTrail I don't know why but I find it really amusing that your username is PaperTrail and you commented on logging 🙈
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    I know, I know, never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence, but this stern refusal to connect support makes me wonder if you are using pirated licences on your servers.
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    At the very least I can confirm that that’s not true. When I was hired, we were using VMs that were not licensed properly because no one knew there were requirements we had to follow. I spent my first month with the company fixing this and verifying all physical machines were licensed as well
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    File a long ass sick leave. See how fast he contacts support. Lol. I hate stubborn managers, even worse when shit could have been avoided a long time ago. Now you're stressed out and he's probably sleeping like a baby.
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    > I find it really amusing that your username is PaperTrail and you commented on logging.

    To me, logging is equivalent to covering your ass.

    I tend to hoard a lot crap (emails, documents, etc) just so I might have to explain to someone across a table why I chose path X instead of path Z a year ago. Yes, I have been in those situations more than I care to mention.
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