My life is a failed checksum test :(
(The L3 allocation is not the issue)

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    Ah yes, the fun times associated with programming non-mainstream stuff with non-mainstream tools

    My group works with FPGAs, custom logic, or cores, it's a lot of "fun" to run and debug
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    @RememberMe The bug was found :)
    All is working now, and I also get to prove why I need so many shoes
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    @NickyBones nice, what is that btw? I know GAP8 is an embedded deep learning (?) accelerator or something

    Oh, on my side I have three things piling up - alcohol bottles on my desk, open tabs in Firefox for manuals/forums, and emails from the professor

    Those three might or might not be related...
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    @RememberMe GAP8 is an inconsistent piece of shit. The HW is pulp, and they wrote their own SDK which is a mess.
    I use the Gapuino only because I don't want to carry the Crazyflie+pulp home - we only have one and they are breakable.
    I use the pulp-nn infrastructure for optimizing inference on multicore, not the autotiler (which is the Gap equivalent)
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