Hi devs so I was thinking to learn frontend development and got stuck at the a point should I learn react and react native or should I learn flutter
To learn react I need to first learn html and css as I have very beginner knowledge in it.All suggestions are welcomed as long as you have studied either one of the language

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    Learn decent enough HTML, CSS and JS first - by doing that you'll then have knowledge of how all three of those work under the hood.

    Otherwise it's like making explosives without any knowledge of chemistry.
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    Learn the raw stuff before you jump into the deep end.

    What's the saying 🤔one does not run before one learns to walk.

    Source: I've been doing this for longer then some people around here have been alive.
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    Agree on the trilogy but don't wait until you've "mastered" them. Start experimenting with react and others as soon as you feel comfortable.
    You may blow the one hand off, good thing you have two.
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    Learn the basic three’s.
    Learn Web-Components (you can already do a lot with vanillajs nowadays!)
    Learn the concepts of frameworks, may it be react, flutter or even bootstrap.

    Now you’re ready to decide react or flutter or whatever!

    EDIT: I don’t like books, but for some people it’s easier using a book to learn the core idea behind most of the things we have out there
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    @COD4 I actually know how html css and js work together for thr sake of question I added that I didn't learn them . If you were in my place which language would you have choosen and y?
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    @sayam if it was me, I'm currently going down the flutter path simply because it's the one with the leaner learning curve, I'm not a mobile dev so for something to mess around with on the weekends and have something workable inside a day it was a good choice for me.

    If you already know reactjs then reactive native would be the appropriate step into mobile.
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    No I don't know react I was planning to strengthen my Css and Html first but then one of my friends suggested flutter that when the confusion started. Plus we can make web apps with flutter right ?
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