Boss: Can we add a [Close] button at the top right of the modal instead for all the items, the back at the lower left seems out of place.

Me: What modal? You mean move the back button to the top right of the page?

Boss: And make it say [Close]

Me: But it navigates Back. It's not a modal so it doesn't close. [Back] makes more sense than [Close].

Boss: Ok
Boss: Change the [Back] on the modal to [Close].

Me: But... fine...

Buttons all now say "Close", they all have double quotes. No one has said anything.

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    Stop making sense and start making features.
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    This whole project has been a shit show. Normally a simple request like this wouldn't enrage me so much but this is just straw that breaks the Camels back, so to speak. We're already way over budget. I've made so many stupid, repetitive, or needless changes already that this just makes me so damn mad.
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    Hey this is ur boss. Can we also unclose the modal please
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    I feel sorry for you because you need to deal with that shit.

    Did you really put quotation marks on the "Close" buttons?
    This is hilarious 🤣
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    @Lensflare no need to feel sorry, I'm just venting. Most days I like my job.

    And yes, yes I did.
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    My first job as a junior was marketing department. Would get so many stupid requests for things including deleting whole page (no need for a redirect 404 is great for user expierence) also adding “click here” for links.

    At the end if it wasn’t way too much I would just do it.

    It’s much easier sometimes to lit the dumpster fire as requested than to make a better suggestion.
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    @katbreitin yea, I totally agree. Usually something small like this wouldn't set me off. This whole project has just been a nightmare and this was just a funny example of my frustrations boiling over.
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    It makes a great rant - putting it in quotes was genius.
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    @Danice222 No, you are wrong my dear bot. We do not need another OUYA.
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    I see you hangs into your ideal, well I get rid of it long ago.

    also common sense
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    @theuser Thanks for tagging it, the comment was removed but I could still downvote it this way.
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    Hahaha hilarious...
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    First comment from @Lor-inc is art.
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    Ahhh boss .. just take your coffee and your paper and return to your ducking desk let my work good
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    Happy job hunting
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    😂😂😂😂😂 sounds like my old hag of a boss.
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