So, a couple of weeks ago I started a temporary job writing code mostly for DB purposes. I noticed during that time there was a specific person just copying my code and not giving credit in the meetings. So I decided to put a small, quirky, joke in my last code just to see if the person reviewed it before presenting.

FF to yesterday, the person did not check the code and he presented a table with a field called PENIS Contract Length in our zoom meeting.

Not sorry at all

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    Perfect revenge. 😂
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    Let me guess? At that moment he decided to give you credit?

    What was his reaction?
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    @LinusCDE Nope, red faced with anger and hopefully shame, waited till after the meeting to ask if I thought it was funny.

    My reply:
    No, it was hilarious, especially the look on your face when called out on the word. Next time check the code and give me credit if you're just going to copy my work.
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    @Lyym uhhh sick burn, love it. You should've included that in the rant, it makes the revenge just so much sweeter.
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    @VaderNT didn't think people would be interested in the rant. But will do next time it happens
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    what kind of job is that where you have meetings about code?
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    You don't @justHarry you don't talk about code. You show the application. And I have a very particular way of making my shit. Hence why I knew he was just copying my code
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    This is better than the revenge s*x videos on pr0nhub.
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