I have a USB 3.0 hub that works mostly. However, sometimes it freaks out and starts disconnecting things attached to it. It also causes my gaming mouse that updates 1000 times per second to operate wrong. Yes, it was a cheap usb hub to begin with. I am using a laptop and I want a decent hub to use with my gaming peripherals if possible. I have an old belkin hub I am going to try that usb 2.0. But I really want a decent usb 3.0 hub. I need something that is not cheap pos made by no name like most of amazon products. I want something good that I wont regret getting later. It also needs to have been tested with a 1mS update rate device like my gaming mouse.

Does such an animal exist?

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    If I recall, the 1ms USB frame rate is the highest available update rate. Any intermediary multiplexing device will use some additional amount of time. The wires only wiggle so fast.

    Also make sure your hubs are powered for high speed purposes.
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    @SortOfTested USB frame rate 🤨
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    Data frame rate. USB is packeted.
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    Always plug mouse to direct ports. Non-important storage? Go to hub.
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    The rating system on amazon is fucked. I cannot tell by stars if there is a real problem with stuff. I always have to go into negative reviews to find relevant worse case failures of things. It seems like just about every usb 3.0 hub that is powered has the potential to burn up or damage the usb ports on your computer. What happened to all the brands that were not some POS made in China crap. Everything is chinese crap these days. Stuff that legit will burn up your PC.

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    Hm... If you don't have enough USB ports... A hub won't be your savior.

    Get a PCI card.

    Get good USB cables.


    Most USB hubs are beyond trash... And cheap USB cables can literally set your desk on fire.

    PCI x cards are not rare and you can google the chipset / compatiblity
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    Amazon reviews are in most cases bought btw (read @Demolishun comment).... Nearly all reviews are bought.

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    That would be a good route. Except, laptop...
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    Most of the good USB hubs are docks now. Sucks, but it is what it is. I'll use my 12 port powered cable matters hub until it dies.
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    @Demolishun Yeah... Especially since laptops have multiple chips usually and you cannot infer how they are setup.
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    @SortOfTested according to this, 1 ms was the fastest frame rate for usb 1.1 http://usbmadesimple.co.uk/ums_6.ht...
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    The only thing that bothers me if 1000 updates or for example 200 updates actually makes a different.
    Maybe 500...

    And does mouse polling send every data or interpolate it on slow usb.
    I don't think sending data 1000 times per second over usb uses batching right? So many questions, my knowledge about usb is too limited. I used oculus on the chespest shit usb 3 hub on amazon btw. Worked for me.
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