need ideas to create an app that runs linux commands on a server from a web page.
i have tried sshxcute lib of java to do the same .it works

any other ideas

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    didn't someone already invent that wheel?
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    dnt knw bt i want to try
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    Well that depends, do you want to run commands on the server that the page is being server from or an arbitrary remote server?
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    remote ...for eg an aws cluster

    right now i created a spring boot app using sshxcute lib which runs on my local machine ...
    this app runs a local tomcat server which ssh the remote linux server

    it works

    any other way other than sshxcute lib
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    A web interface to run some Ansible playbook? An interface to trigger a Jenkins build? Given that it sounds like this has no specific purpose it's very difficult to help if you ask me xD
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    Deploy a socket program at server which will accept encrypted commands and execute them.
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    Yeah, this is terrible security practice.
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