Imposter syndrome creeping in?

Remember this woman.

Fake it until you make it or get indicted.

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    Context for those out of the loop/not living on the same continent?
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    Who is that woman?
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    @kescherRant she is Elizabeth Holmes founder of Theranos
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    @piperguy Funnily enough, I still have no idea what any of that relates to.
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    @endor @kescherRant

    Let’s see if I can make this short, there are several books and an HBO documentary.

    Elizabeth Holmes - silicon and media darling who was going to be the next Steve Jobs, before she was indicted on several fraud charges.

    CEO of Theranos that was worth several billion now worth nothing.

    She basically fooled investers into thinking she invented a machine that could conduct blood tests from a pin prick which would usually take several viles of blood.

    They faked the whole thing for years including getting approval by the US gov’t (FDA) which is really hard to do and changing local law to allow pharmacies to do bloodwork. They were not doing the test with her machine they were doing it the traditonal way but no one knew.

    She carried on this for years and years! It was crazy.

    She now faces prison time her trial is in October of this year.

    The idea was great, go the pharmacy get a blood tests that would cost you a lot more at the doctor’s office to self manage your health.

    It just did not work.
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    @Jilano there is a criminal fraud charge again her ! Its recent news!
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    @katbreitin @piperguy Okay, thank you both for the information.

    PS: Not everyone acts like the lads across the pond and worship people ;)
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    Thank god they don’t.

    It’s absurd.
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    @Jilano True! just happened to hear news about her.
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    I seriously think that „Bad Blood” is one of the best books I read last year. This is beacause that shit IS REAL. Every startup ever.
    Thanls for an advice about fighting the imposter sindrome.
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    Just added the to my reading list.
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    @katbreitin It's actually rather easy to get the FDA to pass something that wouldn't normally pass; just threaten to call them sexist.
    Not a joke, look up the Flibanserin debacle.
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    Here's a short documentary on the disaster that was Theranos
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    @stonestorm "I identify as a gay black handicapped woman that served in the military. Fear me."
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    Don’t forget I am also a single mom
    with special needs kids.
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    @katbreitin My apologies, you're right. It's hard to confront the truth, but @rutee07 definitely needs a special kind of attention.
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