Anyone else gotten really good at the screenshot -> crop -> send to friend workflow on devRant?

Why is save image disabled? Am I missing something stupid easy here?!

@dfox Please help make this process more streamlined if this is working as intended!

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    I was thinking about writing a SnagIt plugin for devRant just because image sharing here is tough
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    @juneeighteen I remember when it first came to Android and I pressed on an image... Couple tries... Confused look at phone.. F%@& it, screenshot
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    it's planned, they just have a lot on their plate
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    @itsmill3rtime Ah, OK that makes more sense than disabling it by design
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    @itsmill3rtime It's already implemented but a bit hidden. If you use the Share option on a post with an image attached it gives you the option to "Save Image". I admit the UX isn't very solid but at least it's there 😉
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    @kwerdenker holy shit you made my day. Thanks!
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    Good find, we'll add "save image" to the rant ... more menu. Apparently long press in Appcelerator is bitchy, or I'd like to have a save option pop up from that too
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