JavaScript land is a messy place. Glad I don't do front-end work. I love native!


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    Frontend web is hard because devs don't want to use backend languages, so they sprung node into the mix to make "life simpler", now they drown in their own shit bath.
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    @C0D4 😂😂😂
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    All his arguments are from the perspective of SSR-centric limitations and the assumption of low interactivity. I realize thats very popular among the average js/node-full-stack-goober, but it's not reality. It's just fashion. Speaks to my earlier comments of why having dozens more shitty developers at 45% the unit price of skilled engineers is poor business accounting.
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    @C0D4 @SortOfTested Have y'all done any testing with his framework yet? Everyone I know that uses it is completely hooked but I don't know any of them from adam so for all I know they only like it because of the easy syntax and light npm modules. I've been questioning whether there's trade off after it all comes out in the wash.
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    From what I've experimented, it's like angular's rendering engine, with all the things I don't like about react and no typescript support. Pass from my end, but I'm sure it's fine for some people.
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    @SortOfTested yea I think ts support is the next big thing on the agenda, but right now it still requires a preprocessor. My grudge against ms keeps me from complaining though.

    But there weren't any hidden performance/security drawbacks that you noticed?

    That's mainly what I'm concerned about, that and the likelihood it'll keep gaining traction and not fizzle out. I imagine the two will go hand in hand. So far most criticisms I've encountered seem to be somewhat semantic complaints, either someone doesn't like the single page component layout or they don't like using the class bind and inline styles opposed to traditional css variables.

    The only actual comparison I've been able to do myself is against that vanilla js game I cloned but somewhere in the process of building the svelte version I forgot that it was my intention to do so and I swapped out the canvas api for svg's. Now they aren't even remotely similar 🤦‍♂️
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    @M1sf3t we talking svelte?

    Not in depth, I've briefly messed around.
    I'm keen to use it in a new project I have on the horizon, mmm a fresh pile of unfucked code... it's as if someone has herd my cries for help. 😊
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    @C0D4 yea, rich is like my hero at the moment 😅

    Make sure give sapper a spin too, it's ridiculous how easy it is to work with. I don't even do backend and I've been able to find my way around as I needed too. Well other than the streaming incident but I blame the node docs for that one
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    This is the sort of post you laugh at while crying on the inside
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