What’s your quarantine side project? I’m learning about map reduce and might build something along those lines

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    Mapreduce is a little old to learn now, though it is an interesting paradigm

    What data are you planning to crunch?
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    I'm writing an API for sending messages to an incoming Webhook in msteams.
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    @asgs I’m learning hadoop for map reduce which is also old but can be very useful given the right environment. Kubernetes is my next target

    I’m not sure what data I’ll use. Do suggest something if you know!
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    @buch you can get a good amount of twitter tweets and derive aggregations

    1. What are the topic handles used for a given period of time in a given country or some specific area
    2. What are the most used swear words and their frequency? You can use some online dictionary like urban dictionary
    3. Distribution of tweets hourly wise across the world
    4. How many followers retweet and non-followers retweet for the top N top tweeters by country or a specific area

    You will get more once you see the data yourself
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    Trying out Storybook for making styleguide
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    @vintprox I had to look up what storybook is. Looks p interesting!
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