How to cope with getting cockblocked by coronavirus before job change?

I signed a contract for a job in a foreign country. I was excited for the advantages like better work/life balance, finally getting to linux dev env, friendlier company. But now, I can not even apply for work permit because of restrictions.

Due to already having signed contract already, I completely lost my touch with my current job. I hate it so much that I am having unpaid leaves even though I could do nothing since we are working half team at the same time. Dont tell me to “learn new skills”, I tried, it does not work for me. I am not in the mood for learning.

New company is great that they reassured me I would not lost the opportunity, I would join them whenever I can. So I dont fear losing job but uncertainty kills me. European travel ban was up to 15 May, prolonged to 15 june, which prevents me to apply for work visa. I guess this was the last straw that broke camel’s back.

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    Forget old skills
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    Just chill, play games and/or watch videos.
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    I'm more concerned how learning new skills is something you can't do?

    As for the cockblocking, can't say I've ever been in that situation before.
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    @electrineer When I was trying to learn functional programming via Haskell, I realized I would fare better if I did not know structurel programming or OOP.
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    @Oktokolo Have been playing WoW Classic/BF1 combo for last two months. I am just drained. I am also in quarantine alone for this duration, it has another toll on my sanity.
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    @C0D4 I am pyschologically unfit to provide focus or energy to really learn things. Sure I can watch MIT missing semester courses but I am distracted quickly and I would forget them in a week if I force-feed myself with knowledge. Learning is not enjoyable at the moment, unfortunately.
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    @aviophile the trick is to try to find a fun side project that requires the knowledge, thats what I do.

    Maybe a game to something.

    If cause, sometimes something is interesting enough on its own but in many cases I need some goal.
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    can't you start working for them remotely?
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    @heyheni they are not normally a remote working company but they switched to it recently. But I am not sure I have no knowledge of their projects and need really long orientation. The job is about Air Traffic Control, so they may not want someone who is inexperienced and wanting to work remote.
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    @aviophile did you ask? there may be some side admin jobs to prepare you for the real job. You get payed and get to enjoy work life balance now.
    And the german goverment said that even after the pandemic the germans get the right to work from home.
    German labor minister calls for right to work from home | News | DW ...
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    @heyheni I did not honestly but maybe I should talk about it, considering the uncertainty.
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    @heyheni Germans will never get the right to home office in suitable jobs as long as the CDU is part of the government - which will remain the status quo in the next years given how the SPD screws itself over and over.
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    @Fast-Nop yeah the internet is just a fad im Germany. It will go away again. #neuland

    Jokes aside i'm confident that covid gave a taste for neuland to even the most tech ignorant german politician. And that will guide future decision making. And most importantly the companies will start lobbying for broadband internet as they discovering the financial benefits from work from home.
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    @heyheni The thing is that the CDU is perfectly fine with home office in itself. What they adamantly oppose is granting employees rights that would translate into duties for employers. #wonthappen #wheredidthe19thcenturygo
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