We used to write infinite loops with "start cmd.exe" instructions in windows batch, converted it to a executable, gave it an epic vector icon and tried to sell it to 5th graders on CD as "an epic virus that will make your teachers go insane".

And some of it actually got sold.

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    @mr-user me when I was in grade 7.
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    Selling cracked Minecraft launchers on CDs was great back then
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    @Ranchu and they will try to rip someone off in 2 years just because you destroy their innocence. When will the cycle end?
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    @mr-user well, the "program" was demonstrated, they liked it and bought it.
    For like 2€ each disc.
    I went eating ice cream that day.
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    @PrivateGER When I was that age, Muslims sold hentai and computer game CDs on the streets. Now they also sell dildos and various sex toys beside the Catholic church. The situation is poetic, it brings tears to my eyes.
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    @rutee07 This inspires me to do great things.
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    @mr-user You take a 2€ purchase they were happy with way too seriously. Loosen up, holy shit.
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    i was called a hacker for doing this in my college :|
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