Best part of being a dev?

The perceived ability to fix ANY electronic device owned by friends and family.

"So you work with computers? Any idea what's wrong with my toaster?"

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    "Yeah, an owner who has no clue"
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    Someone posted the quote "Asking a programmer to fix a hardware problem is like asking Leonardo DiCaprio to fix your TV" a while ago. I have since found it very useful in daily life.
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    Personally I find it pretty annoying, especially when the solution is too obvious even for non technical people
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    @Grumpy I am totally using this
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    I thought this was the worst part of being a dev? Sure, I enjoy being helpful, but...
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    @coderme I was being mildly sarcastic ;)
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    Yes, I know programming, but I can't fix faulty wiring in your car stereo
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