This is probably VERY OLD, but why don't devRant supports Markdown? Having to upload (not paste or drag) code screenshots and having to UPPERCASE to yell or emphasize text feels... quite non-dev.
I found the bug repo and checked the Markdown issue has... almost three years.

I just came by the @highlight bot. Seriously? There are several layers of "wrong" with that hahah

Bonus: not very good UX to write a message, try to post it, and ONLY THEN get to know there's a time limit. This should show when you open the form, not when you submit it.... But I just sent a bug report on that, at least.

Bonus 2: if the char limit is 5k, why's the textbox so tiny on the web?

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    Agreed, I'd love have markdown here.
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    This has been discussed many, many times, but essentially, it'll clog up the feed with unnecessary formatting. If you want to post code, use pastebin or highlight bot or something. Also devRant isn't SO, while code snippets are welcome here, it's more about the developer, and so plain text works just fine for that.

    I at least am in support for no-markdown, I'd rather not see formatting all over the place. Keeping it to a sane default readable text formatting makes sense to me at least.
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    @RememberMe I get your point, but plain text is just as plain as a plain teacher lecture.

    I can't see how bold, italics or bullet points would clog up the feed. Several levels of titles are definitely a bad thing, but of course this can be limited or mitigated through CSS.

    And I do understand the dont-post-code-questions thing, but if we can use the bot to hack it out (because it's definitely an ugly hack), why not allow highlighting directly on comments then?
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    @igorsantos07 it's simple.
    Markdown won't stop at just code highlighting, whole posts will suddenly be formatted into stupidity.

    Keep in mind the devRant app and website are not the only methods of using this place, there's the windows app (although unofficial) and other 3rd party platforms and several bots that have been created which will all now need to inherit markdown.

    Highlight was made to help
    solve that issue, otherwise create a github gist on a throw away account.
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    @C0D4 Oh, right. The hell of bringing formatting to all clients. Ages until Telegram could do it right...

    Ok, that's definitely a greater beast.
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    @M1sf3t *hugs*
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    @M1sf3t Aaamen!
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    Because it's not his main job developing this website
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