I’m so addicted to using Quora. I’m even submitting bug reports now. Smh.

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    When I accidentally open something on quora they send me a fucking email like “More like what you’ve seen” and it pisses me off.

    Also if you’re browsing through mobile without logging in, following internal links would open a modal that forces you to log in. Reloading page helps.

    Considering this all, Quora is trash.

    Yes, there are interesting answers but the whole implementation is corporate fucking bullshit.
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    Addicted to it? I've basically blacklisted the site, and anything else behind a paywall. Just a trashy yahoo answers clone as I see it.
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    @AlmondSauce paywall ? It’s free.
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    I don't get it. It's like you are addicted to Quora, because SO is full of random people and wet guidelines, while on Q you'll most likely get copy-pasted recommendations from grammarnazzi, and string attaches in email next 5 minutes? 🤔 More than that, you can engage politics and philosophy discussions on Quora, but first cause really pushes away.
    IMO, people use more gray substance while chatting or using specialized forums. 🤓 (Seen it a lot)
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