Me: What could possibly go wrong?
Anxiety: I'm glad you asked.

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    Stay strong, you can do it.
    Take my ++ and my energy
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    On the bright side, YOU'RE NEVER ALONE
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    That is not anxiety, anxiety builds up when you don't know the outcome. If you know what can go wrong then you are prepared ;)
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    Good bless @mundo03 for his comment
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    @armandogbr just noticed you are a mexican too. Hello!!!
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    @mundo03 yo igual, saludos desde San Luis compadre..

    (hay que alimentar los estereotipos haha)
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    @mundo03 I don't mean to be overly technical, but he did say "what could possibly go wrong..." so that implies that there are multiple outcomes, therefore anxiety builds from the mere possibility that any of these could in fact happen for whatever reason. Although I do like the preparedness tip at the end, people who suffer from anxiety still worry even if they're prepared, but it does help alleviate it knowing you have some preparation!
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    Anxiety: ready with the bullet point list.
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