My team: please read that article about blameless postmortems, there's a lot we could take on board to improve team morale

My team extra-passive-aggressive at the first incident: why did you do that? That was never gonna work

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    Whoever is leading that meeting should be shutting accusations down as soon as they occur and reprimanding those who make them. Repeat offenders should be removed from the meeting, either for a length of time or permanently.

    Blame culture is a terrible thing to have in an organisation. Needs to be stamped out as soon as it occurs, otherwise everyone (naturally) just shifts their focus from writing great code to covering their arse.
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    Everyone fucks up from time to time, that's human. However, people who fuck up repeatedly and much more than others should be either trained, or if that doesn't work, be removed from the company because they are a damage inflicting liablility and not an asset.
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    @Fast-Nop Absolutely, but the place for that is not a post mortem.
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