Bus-Factor: A new metric to describe how well kowledge is distributed among the team members by calculating how many of your team members can be run over by a bus without killing your project!

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    I wouldn't call it "new" tbh
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    So by your metric my current project has a bus factor of 0, while my last project had a bus factor of 2
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    super dark. i like it!
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    using this method, you are supposed to hit as many people as possible? because, if you start hitting the wrong people, the bus factor could be either 0 or (team.lenght - realBusFactor())
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    @vhoyer It is the minimum number of people on a team that need to be hit by a bus before the team stops functioning. A high bus factor is therefore desirable. A low bus factor indicates that there is not enough redundancy in the distribution of skills and knowledge.
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