If I'm bored enough to post a rant during a job interview, the job may not be for me

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    Did they see you do it? Then you might not get it.
    The fun on the interview does not relate to the fun on the job.
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    @mundo03 obviously they didn't :) the whole process was a series of exercises to do solo, with an engineer coming at the end to tell if it was good or not.
    Yes, the interview is not always representative but I got a bad vibe from this company!
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    @edisonn that was even worse. They made me come (500km from home), put me in a room and gave me those exercises. The engineer didn't even know how to run the program/tests with the IDE
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    @edisonn I do :) I keep that offer open just in case, but I should have one or two more interesting offers by the end of the week
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