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    Found this on r/insanepeoplefacebook
    Wanted to share it with you guys, so you are aware of the latest hacker standards.
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    Good lord, that steering wheel needs some desperate wiping.
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    Well now we can't hack him guys
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    Homie got his info from the same shows that have a model tap on a keyboard a few times and say "I'm in"
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    Better wrong and safe than wrong/naïve and taken advantage of, though.
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    That car can do more than 70. More like 140 or so
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    I read someplace that 1 in 3 cars sold second hand doesn't display its true mileage.
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    God damn you, 5G!!!
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    Probably the hacker known as 4chan too, who knows it's all deep government shit
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    @asgs it's probably 70 mph and not kmh
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    @matt-jd yes, I was referring to mph
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    @asgs well it ain't my unit so for me it sounded reasonable
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    Probably need to white out the trees too. It's a dead give away.
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    @matt-jd miles is not a common unit here, either

    I believe that car can do more than that (70 mph). I understand it is a joke/meme but the aerodynamics changes beyond 120 mph and it may help to have a spoiler not as big as this one
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    @asgs just checked it up and yeah that's too low for a car. Although I doubt it's important for any common use car to have a spoiler
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    @matt-jd that's right. It is very rarely useful
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