I love mondays...

I think it doesn't require a translation, it's pretty international.

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    Did you run the troubleshooter?
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    @asgs The same one that checks online for solutions as for why your internet isn't working?
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    @Lennerd yes, the same one that asks if the option it provided has helped solve the issue
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    @asgs But has it ever helped anyone?
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    @Lennerd that's pretty rhetorical
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    It's expected that the software is sometimes not responding. What happens when YOU are not responding?
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    Lol. That's happening to me at least every day. Hanging, crashing, need to restart, etc. Mostly with MS software. For you it seems to be something special.
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    There were days when Visual Studio used to work without issues, sadly this is not the situation any more. The version that worked great with me:
    2010, 2013 & 2015
    Others are just pure mess
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    You ever seen the loader popup window that says "collecting code completion options"?
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