so i'm about to deploy admin application which doesn't have admins passwords hashed

after asking him, wtf dude?
he replied, no worries mate


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    Write an letter, in which you write that this is a bad idea and he received that information, and let him sign it.
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    yes, i will raise this to some sort of upper management and i'll see what they say

    but i'm just sad to see that he sold himself as some sort of senior dev
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    @gopher3004 "I'm not worried. Rather ashamed. Here take this bell and do the walk of shame...."
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    @stop Or just reply to it
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    "No worries, mate. I'm sure he's got this."
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    @Jilano yup

    just to update the rant

    they are glad that i saw that missing and gave a huge red flag so it'll be fixed

    let's hope that this kind of stuff won't happen again
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