> scrolling through facebook feed
> see ad to apply as an app developer at carrefour
> "you might win 300€ to spend at carrefour"
> "we're searching for an app developer"
> apply
> first test is to make a button that adds stuff to an HTML list, very basic
> pass the first test
> get an email: "you can candidate to the next phase and might get a job"

MFW I just wanted to get 300€ and not a job

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    That's how they get you. You apply for a slave position and before you know it, boom! You've got a nice job.

    Such awful world we're living in...
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    Go outside. You might find 300€ in a hole.
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    Hahaha, the way to get people ... I also see many ads like this.
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    You're the one who goes :
    <hot milfs aro... > *massive click*
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    @scor maybe, but I was a bit amused by the coding challenge, it was simple, but fun
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