DigitalOcean for VPS ?

Something else ?

Please do suggest a host for shared hosting.
Moving from GoDaddy 🤦😅.

I know, shouldn't have tried in the first place.

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    Leaving money-grabbing whoring shits like AWS and Google aside, we had a decent experience with linode before switching the whole thing to bare metal recently.

    DO should be about the same except they have a couple nice extra features linode don't have (yet?) but also shittier customer support.

    Vultr... meh.

    IMHO Godaddy, Hostinger and hostgator should suck brown cocks till they go out of hosting business and back into washing toilets or whatever the fuck their real job was before the bubble.
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    @molaram something for shared hosting ?

    Do you happen to know about host1.no ?
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    Host1.no ?
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    crocweb.com - They have treated me well.

    Avoid any hosting company owned by EIG. Hostgator is owned by EIG. EIG ruins hosting companies. Do you own research on this.

    My personal experience with Hostgator and one of their affiliates was an attempt at extortion. They also sold my email addresses to spammers. Disgusting companies run by amoral douche bags.
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    Is there a reason why something like AWS or Azure won't work for you?

    I had an okay experience with Bluehost (are they still around?), but have heard a number of horror stories.

    I've heard good things about DigitalOcean, but lack firsthand experience.
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    @mentions neverheard of it mate. Not saying it's irrelevant only/just because _I_ haven't heard of it...but it's pretty irrelevant.
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    if it's static/php: just use any freewebhosts and point at domain
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    I use the hoster contabo.com for two VPS. They have their own data centers in Germany and the USA (you can choose). They have good quality and are not that expensive.
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    I can recommend Flokinet with their Icelandic hosting option because they're neither in the US nor in the EU. However, Iceland isn't the cheapest place to host.
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    @molaram what's wrong with vultr from your experience?
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    Hetzner and Scaleway? Pretty good specs and great price/performance (better than DO/Linode imo)
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    @OmgItBurns well, I'll have to learn aws and azure 😂 and i have my exams in 2 days. So...
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    DO is great if you want to get something up and running as fast as possible by any means necessary - it's simple, it's uncomplicated but all that might get in your way if you need some weird/complex set-up. Linode in that way allows you to run custom OS installs if the standard images don't meet your requirements.

    Oh and since people mentioned Azure - it offers great cost savings if you only need to run the VM periodically, however, if you need them running 24/7 then DO, Linode, Vultr, Upcloud offer the best fixed prices. It's also very infuriating when they keep changing stuff without prior warnings and docs often don't align with the reality because of this.
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    @Fast-Nop flokinet has pretty expensive storage 😢.
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    @mentions What? The smallest plan for shared hosting (Iceland I) has 2 GB SSD and 1 GB RAM at 3.50 EUR per month without domain. If you need much more than that, you should probably rather aim for VPS instead of shared hosting.
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    @myss customer support sub-par, buggy control panel, all sorts of strange errors.
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    Weird, when I used it 1-2 years ago never experienced any of those 🤔
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    +1 for Contabo. Low prices and excellent customer service.
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    @myss well maybe it's just me, in case you haven't noticed I'm kind of an asshole and also somewhat of an edge case because my shit tends to make a lot of noise.
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    A2hosting it was a pleasant experience to use their service
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    Scaleway baremetal servers have done the job for me for quite some years now
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    @Sumafu Can recommend contabo as well!
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