What is the state of DevRant?

I've been away for quite some time.

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    4 years of devRant and still going strong with daily rants from devs from all over the world. Which is awesome!
    dfox and trogus are a bit quieter than in the first two years. Think comics and podcasts. But I have the small suspicion that dfox quietly is building v2.0 of the devrant apps. But thats probably more wishful thinking.
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    @heyheni i hope they go native, this shit they have now is annoying af
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    @molaram dfox said that he would have used react native if it was available in 2015-2016.
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    @heyheni i meant swift/objc no js garbage
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    @molaram I guess that would be too much work for a sideproject of two guys who do this in their spare time. David Fox is an engineer at Adobe. Making Photoshop and co. going. That is probably a very challenging job and having to maintain a money draining hoby like devRant is even more challenging.
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    I joined today and I can’t help but wonder how the hell I didn’t know that this app existed, after all the “dev” and so forth searches I’ve done all over appstore and play store and the internet and google keeps telling me facebook is a great social network for developers and blabla... fuck that, devRant is fucking awesome and it needs more promotion :/
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